Awesome Picture Book: The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak

book with no picturesIt has taken me a little while to post about The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak, a recent picture book which I used in storytime a few weeks ago. I had to really put together my thoughts because I wasn’t sure exactly how to write about the book, which doesn’t happen very often! While it was a blast to read (both children and adults in attendance laughed quite loudly), as the title indicates, there are no pictures in this book. I confess to feeling a little lost as to how to discuss a picture book with no pictures. Still, it made such an impact on me that I couldn’t end 2014 without mentioning how much fun this book is and how highly I recommend it.

B.J. Novak, a comedy writer and actor, has created a very readable book that you will be dying to share with little readers. The book starts off by explaining that even if a book with no pictures may not sound like fun, the rules says that the person reading the book has to say absolutely everything written, no exceptions. Of course, what follows is a series of silly phrases and nonsense words (and small protests by the reader worked into the text) which caused uproarious laughter. The Book with No Pictures is a great example of a work that really shines with a crowd of children because as the instructions contained get more and more ridiculous, the children get more and more comfortable laughing their little heads off.

Before I read this to a crowd, I wasn’t sure the book would work, but the little naysayer inside of me was convinced once I started, and you will be, too. Not sure about the book yet? Check out this great video of the author reading it to a crowd of students.

Happy reading!



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