Focus on Nonfiction: Top Pets for Kids series

When I was younger, I wanted to own what must have seemed to my parents like every genus and species of pet: over the years, my younger sister and I have cared for guinea pigs, a hamster, mice, gerbils…I even wanted a snake at one point or another, until I did some research and realized that reptiles weren’t really what I was looking for in a companion. In keeping with our pet-themed display at the library, I wanted to highlight a wonderful series in our nonfiction collection about that very subject!

Enslow Elementary’s 2009 Top Pets for Kids series delves into the topic in a practical and accessible way. With bright photographs and interesting facts and information, it is sure to catch the attention of a young person yearning for a pet of their own. It also encourages responsible pet ownership, and provides practical tips on how to find the right animal for your space, schedule, and personality.

I also love this series because it is such an interesting subject for so many young people. The act of doing research and comparing different options is a skill that can be tricky to develop. That said, it is an important learning process: even better when the topic is really fascinating! Each book in the Top 10 Pets series starts out by highlighting the good qualities of each particular group of animals (my favourite is Top 10 Dogs), then talks about animal health and how to choose a pet. Each of the 10 following chapters describe a particular type or breed of animal: their special needs, diet, and general behaviour:

This series is a great jumping off point for research, and is practical to boot! Even if you can’t have a pet at your house, these books will probably still be popular. When I didn’t have pets, I was voraciously reading about them and daydreaming about one day having one.

Enslow Elementary is an excellent publisher, and a staple in an engaging and informative nonfiction collection. This isn’t the only series we have! I am happy to report that you can find many more Enslow Elementary books here.




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