Great Picture Books: Doreen Cronin’s “Diary” series

diary of a flyThe diary form seems like it is always in demand, whether it’s in adult novels, YA books or in the ever-popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. But there is also a fun series in our picture book section that is great for kids. Written by Doreen Cronin, her Diary of a FlyDiary of a Worm, and Diary of a Spider books are perfect for reading over and over again. Inside, you’ll find a delightful blend of facts, funny escapades, and heart-warming lessons.

In Diary of a Fly, Fly worries about being different and wants to grow up to be a superhero. However, her nay-saying friend Spider keeps pointing out the ways that Fly doesn’t quite live up to the superhero standards. With a little change in perspective, courtesy our Worm, Fly and Spider realize that maybe superheroes aren’t all the same.

diary-worm-doreen-cronin-hardcover-cover-artWorm gives us a glimpse of his life in Diary of a Worm. We find out that he has a terrible habit of eating his homework, that he wants to be a Secret Service agent, and that he’s a pretty funny guy, always cracking Spider up. And with a school curriculum that requires him to read some pretty impressive books (titles like Digging: a HistorySoil Though the Ages, and Knight Crawlers), he’s also pretty smart.

diary-of-a-spiderMy favourite of the three is probably Diary of a Spider, where we learn that lots of people (and insects) are scared of Spider, but that he has a few fears himself, mainly involving Daddy Longlegs spiders (they are  my least favourite kind of spiders, which may explain why I like this one so much). Where Spider might have come off as a bit of a meanie in Diary of a Fly, in this book, you see Spider and Fly playing together and getting along – Spider even defends her against a bully!

These charming books are really fun to read again and again, which is probably the only way you will notice and enjoy all the little details that Cronin and illustrator Harry Bliss add to each page. These books are perfect for insect-loving kids (although Spider would point out that he is not an insect!), and they’re also good as books about friendship.

Happy reading!



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