Hidden Gem: The Other Felix By Keir Graff

The Other FelixWhat would happen if your dreams felt real? Would your life during the day start to change? Felix wakes up in the middle of a forest, and doesn’t know how he got there. He knows he’s dreaming, but he’s still wearing the clothing he went to sleep in, and everything seems eerily real. All of a sudden he is aware of a monster, and the danger becomes even more palpable as he begins to run. The funny thing is, Felix has never known anything except for the huge city he lives in. He can’t imagine how he came up with this forest, which he hasn’t ever seen.

Felix is a bit of a loner. He spends time with the kids at school while he’s there, but he doesn’t consider them friends. Unfortunately, this means that there is no one to come to his aid when a new student, Chase, steals a calculator from the classroom and decides to frame Felix for it. As Felix grapples with his relationships at school, his dreams become even more frequent. He begins to wake up in the same forest night after night.  During one of these episodes, he meets his doppelganger.  The Other Felix looks and talks like “real” Felix, but he is brave where Felix is not. Instead of running from the monsters, he walks right up to them and they cower in his presence. The real Felix wishes he could be like his dream twin, but first he needs to learn how to fight the monsters.

The Other Felix is an allegorical coming-of-age story: as Felix learns what it is to be brave and honest in his waking life, he learns the same in his dreams. As Felix gathers the courage to battle difficult situations in both worlds, his relationship with his dream double begins to change. The Other Felix is rife with things to think about and discuss, and it’s also full of action and adventure. Felix’s dream and real life mirror each other in thought-provoking ways. For me, this book was interesting on a number of different levels, and Felix’s dreams remind me of my own dreaming experience as a child. This is a book that appeals to the practical as well as the whimsical, and that makes it really worth the read.



About CSL Children's Department

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