Focus on New Nonfiction

Lately, I have been seeing new arrivals in nonfiction that look a whole lot like fiction. Take these next four books, for example: they all come in interesting packages, from a graphic novel about Medgar Evers and the NAACP to what looks like a chapter book, which is actually The Young Scientist’s Guide to Faulty Freaks of Nature. These titles are not only nice to look at; they present information in innovative new ways. However, it’s what’s inside that counts, and these titles do not disappoint. They are packed full of cool facts, experiments, life stories, and the natural world, all written about in accessible and interesting ways.

Alien Hunters' HandbookThe Alien Hunters’ Handbook: How to Look for Extraterrestrial Life
by Mark Brake ; illustrated by Colin Jack & Geraint Ford

A guide to the science behind the search for extraterrestrials, including the conditions necessary for life, where such conditions could exist, how aliens might look, and how we might be able to communicate with them.

Deadly! : the truth about the most dangerous creatures on earthDeadly! The Truth About the Most Dangerous Creatures on Earth
by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Neal Layton

Sometimes nature can be nasty: snakes that spit poison, insects with exploding bottoms, and tigers that have you for dinner. Throughout the animal kingdom, creatures are equipped with lethal weapons, from finger-length fangs to toxic tentacles, and have ingenious ways of killing one another poisoning, dive-bombing, strangling, and even electrocuting! Discover the murderous methods of attack and defense that make animals armed, dangerous, and deadly.

Medgar Evers and the NAACPMedgar Evers and the NAACP by Gary Jeffrey

“Medgar Evers’s story of courage, dignity, and sacrifice is a reminder of the high price some paid to ensure that the United States would meet its promise of equal rights and equal opportunity for all.” -Provided by publisher.

Young Scientist's Guide to Faulty Freaks of NatureA Young Scientist’s Guide to Faulty Freaks of Nature
by James Doyle ; illustrations by Andrew Brozyna

“Includes 20 experiments for the sink, bathtub, and backyard. Are you intrigued by the effects of smog or methane clouds, the “Harry Potter” dinosaur, the Australian blue bird that screeches chainsaw noises, ocean “snot,” or the pink tentacles in the Korean dish where they swallow wriggling tentacles? Then strap on your hat for adventure and learn how planet Earth has been modified by the crazy chemistry of birdbrained biology and foolhardy physics of humans.” – Provided by Publisher.


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One Response to Focus on New Nonfiction

  1. james doyle says:


    thanks for a great review…let’s make non-fiction cool again

    James Doyle

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