October Page-Turners: Spooky Stories

For our ravenous readers out there, we have a great new book group, The Page-Turners. Each month, interested kids will have three titles to choose from; read any one of the books  and come share your thoughts. In October, our theme is Spooky Stories, and we’re meeting October 18, at 4:30 pm. Here are the three books that you get to choose from:

Fiendish DeedsFiendish Deeds
by P.J. Bracegirdle

As eleven-year-old Joy Wells, proud resident of the nearly-abandoned town of Spooking, tries to stop construction of a water park in a bog she believes is home to a monster and the setting of her favorite horror story, a man with his own mysterious connection to Spooking will do anything to stop her.

Eglantine: Allie’s Ghost Hunters
by Catherine Jinks

Allie Gebhardt thought sharing a room with her younger brother Bethan was bad enough, but sharing a room with a ghost proves to be down right frightful. In this deliciously spooky tale, Allies family is haunted by Eglantine Higgins, the ghost of a young girl who used to live in their house. After mysterious writings appear on the walls of Bethans room, Bethan moves in with his older sister, much to her dismay. Irritated by her younger brother, Allie becomes determined to get rid of the unwanted guest in Bethans room.

Little Vampire
by Joann Sfar

Living in a house filled with grown-up ghouls and monsters, Little Vampire is so lonely that he’s even willing to go to school if that’s what it takes to find friends.  Unfortunately, school seems to be filled with children who are still alive. . . .

After we’ve chatted about the books, we’ll move on to a group activity you’re sure to enjoy. Give us a call (514-485-6900 ext. 4111) if you are interested, and we’ll sign you up. Registration is required, but this is a free activity.

Happy reading!


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The Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library has a long tradition in the city. The library has many amazing features which includes a fantastic children's department. We thrive on providing the best service possible and making each library experience a positive one.
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