Favourite: Star Jumper: Journal of a Cardboard Genius by Frank Asch

“I’d like to say I’m on a secret mission to save the world or something noble like that. But I’m not. I just want to put a few light-years between me and my littler brother. His name is Jonathan and he’s evil. Seriously.”

 Everything Alex’s brother Jonathan does is annoying. Jonathan is constantly asking questions, following Alex around, and trying to be included in all of the activities that Alex would prefer to do by himself.  Star Jumper: Journal of a Cardboard Genius by Frank Asch is a hilarious adventure narrated by a young inventor. You see, Alex is a genius, and he is working on his masterpiece: a space ship that can transcend the laws of both time and matter, made from cardboard boxes and household items. Of course, Jonathan wants to be included. He continues to insist that Alex is building him a castle and will be his “horse,” and Alex continues to brush him off, going on his nightly galaxy adventures alone.

“I left the note on my desk, where they’d be sure to find it in the morning. Then I put on my spacesuit, zipping it up airtight, and climbed into the Star Jumper. At last my journey had begun!”

 Star Jumper: Journal of a Cardboard Genius is a book that has been recommended to me by more than a few children’s librarians. After having read it, I would recommend it too. At its core, Star Jumper is a charming story about two brothers learning to get along. Alex is a hilarious and smart young person, and his splendid imagination carries the book along at a brisk and humourous pace.  His fantastical contraptions transport him to other worlds, leaving his pesky brother far behind. When one of Alex’s inventions goes terribly wrong, will Jonathan be able to help him rein in the chaos? You’ll have to find out by reading Star Jumper, a funny book full of imagination and sibling rivalry.




About CSL Children's Department

The Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library has a long tradition in the city. The library has many amazing features which includes a fantastic children's department. We thrive on providing the best service possible and making each library experience a positive one.
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