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The Star wars craft book / Bonnie Burton.

Chewbacca sock puppets. Jabba the Hutt body pillows. Hanukkah droidels. This guide offers a variety of fun and original projects to bring the many beloved elements of Star wars to life.

My thoughts
I am a Star Wars geek. The original movie came out at a time when I was at an impressionable age. That movie shook the cultural landscape in a way that few movies have. But that is only part of why I like this book.

It has been written and designed by someone with a lot of imagination and a great sense of humour. How else can you explain the lightsaber scissors on the cover, apparently wielded by none other than that epitome of evil (before Lucas neutered him) Darth Vader? Or the R2-D2 themed dreidel also known as a “droidel”?

I knew from my sister-in-law that there is a substantial Star Wars handicrafter community out there. This book only proves the point.

The projects vary in difficulty from the very simple to the very complicated, such as the R2-D2 crocheted beanie. As such, this book will appeal to both parents and children.

With regards to the latter, I must point out one danger this book has. Some of the projects involve the reuse of various items of Star Wars memorabilia, such as action figures and T-shirts. Parents with substantial collections of these would be well advised to make it very clear to their offspring which portions of them are strictly off-limits. Courts are not going to accept that the dismemberment of a mint condition 1977 Princess Leia action figure constitutes a justifiable reason for infanticide!

I would advise my younger readers to seek explicit permission from their parents before “re-using” such materials. After all, being grounded for life puts a serious damper on your social life.

May the glue gun be with you!


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