Book Review: Passion, by Lauren Kate

Oy. I picked this series up when I first started here, in the fall. The covers are pretty, and I wanted to check out what the young ladies were reading these days. The series (of which the first title is Fallen) is your classic supernatural romance: average, troubled girl (Lucinda) meets beautiful, mysterious boy who seems interested but is also kinda standoffish. Turns out, he’s an angel, and Luce has been his lover throughout eternity–only she dies at seventeen every lifetime. Bummer.

I liked some of the characters well enough, and Kate certainly hooked me with her promise of information in this latest installment: what is this darned curse, and however can they break it? I like the allusions to Paradise Lost, too, and I feel like no book that references Milton can be all bad. Only I think I might be wrong about that last.

Daniel (angel boy) is a mega babe, but Luce is the stupidest girl anyone has ever come up with. Sure, she has her moments of clarity or bravery, but it seems like she does or says something just unpardonably dumb every single page. In this book, Luce is travelling backwards through time visiting all of her past selves. When another angel warns her that this could be dangerous to her future, she’s like, “Wha? You craaaazy” like some kind of loser who’s never read or seen even one sci-fi story ever. Also, she meets this weird gargoyle dude who talks–I swear–like Joe Pesci, and she doubts his trustworthiness for about one nanosecond before letting him totally steamroll her quest. Never trust the mysterious creature with the gravelly voice. Honestly. People gripe about Bella Swan, but at least she’s read some Austen and usually at least admits when she’s being an idiot.

So, if you’re hooked on the series, then you’ll find lots of lovely Luce-Daniel kissyface and, of course, angstyface, too. If you’re not hooked yet, just reread City of Bones.


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