Book Review: Bink & Gollie by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee

Mostly, I (Miriam) review YA. It’s what I read most of. But I love picture books and short chapter books just as much as I love teen fiction, and so when my eyes fell on the adorable cover of Bink & Gollie, I knew I had to read it. In the honourable tradition of George and Martha or Ivy and Bean, Bink and Gollie are two very dissimilar friends. We meet them in a series of three funny and touching stories. The stories themselves are brief, and each page is fully illustrated with hilarious and colourful drawings by Tony Fucile.

What I loved most is how the girls (but they’re not especially girly–I think boys would really like this book too) talk. While Bink talks like your average excitable and earnest grade schooler, Gollie is erudite and quite sarcastic, a pairing that makes for hilarious dialogue, not to mention good vocabulary building.

I will be taking this book home tonight to show to my friend who reminds me of Gollie (I hope he, a grown man, won’t be offended by the comparison). Then it will be back for all to enjoy. I will be recommending this to every Judy Moody, Ivy and Bean, and George and Martha fan I meet. Two thumbs waaaay up, for ages 7 (or so) and up.


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5 Responses to Book Review: Bink & Gollie by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee

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    Another intelligent post! Definitely can’t wait for more!

  2. Hello, just found this web site from mixx. It’s not something I would typically read, but I liked your spin on it. Thanks for making something worth reading!

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    this is a great find. thanks for posting.

  4. Great job, It’s posts like this that keep me coming back and checking this blog regularly, thanks for the info!

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