Book Review: Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer

This book isn’t really new, but it’s new to our department. We just received all four books in this series two or three weeks ago. I finished the first one yesterday, having received it the day before that, and am on to the next one (Ninth Grade Slays).

The story follows young vampire Vladimir Tod, orphan, hemo-tarian, but otherwise perfectly normal 13-year-old kid. When a series of disappearances takes place in his small town, and his new substitute teacher starts hinting that he knows Vlad’s secret, Vlad starts to get paranoid and defensive. His suspicions that other vampires are out to get him and that his parents’ death three years earlier was no accident prove correct… partly.

The plot wasn’t very thrilling, but that really isn’t the novel’s strong point anyway. Vlad and his friends, in particular the lovable rogue Henry, make the book worth reading. Vlad is quite cheeky and the book is full of vampire jokes and sight gags. Also, I noticed that most of the character names are taken from classics of vampire literature and vampire pop culture. Vladimir is the first name of the man called the historical basis for Dracula, Vlad Tepes. The neighbouring town and seat of the vampire council is called Stokerton (like Bram Stoker). Those sorts of details make me chuckle. Fans of Percy Jackson will probably love Vlad. All in all: a fun, quick read. I’m looking forward to the next one.


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