Storytime Themes: On the Farm

Looking for some great ideas for storytime on the farm?  Here are a few:

Barnyard DanceBarnyard Dance
By:  Sandra Boynton
A bespectacled fiddle-playing cow and a pig twirling a sheep are featured in a barnyard dance.

Click Clack Moo
By: Doreen Cronin
Farmer Brown’s cows find a typewriter in the barn and start making demands.  They go on strike when the farmer refuses to give them what they want.

Barnyard Big TopBarnyard Big Top
By:  Jill Kastner
When Uncle Julius visits his sisters’ farm bringing his Two-Ring Extravaganza along, he livens up everything.

Wake up Henry RoosterWake up the Rooster
By:  Margriet Ruurs
Young Henry Rooster, who’s just not a morning bird, must take over for his father when his dad goes to a convention for a week, and everyone is depending on Henry to get the sun up on time.

Farmer BrownFarmer Brown
By:  Martin Waddell
When a kind and hardworking duck nearly collapses from overwork, while taking care of a farm because the owner is too lazy to do so, the rest of the animals get together and chase the farmer out of town.

Papa and PigletPiglet and Papa
By:  Margaret Wild
Piglet’s beloved father chases her away after she plays too rough.  All of the barnyard animals try to make her feel better, but Piglet is still afraid that her father no longer loves her.

Fingerplays and Songs:

Farm Sounds
(Sung to: “Wheels on the bus”)

The cow in barn goes moo, moo, moo,
Moo, moo, moo. Moo, moo, moo,
All around the farm.

The pig in the pen goes oink, oink, oink,………..
The hens in the coop go cluck……….
The lambs on the hill go baa,……..
The ducks on the pond go quack……

To the Farm
(Sung to: ” Twinkle, Twinkle”)

Chicken, kittens, piglets too,
Donkeys, horses, cows that moo.
Fish that swim down in the pond,
Ducklings quacking all day long.
All these things you can see
If you go to the farm with me!

For more ideas, go to:

Craft ideas:

Paper Plate Pig Craft


Toilet Roll Sheep


Paperbag Cow


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