Book Review: The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this one for several weeks now, and it was worth the wait. Laura, one of our adult collection librarians and my fellow YA reader, read it before me and said she was a bit disappointed. While, it’s true, it wasn’t quite as awesome as some of the books I’ve read recently in the same category–White Cat or The Demon’s Lexicon, for instance–I was totally gripped by the story, the world and its characters. Mackie Doyle is a changeling; his first memory is of being left in a crib that was not his as a replacement for a human baby. With his family’s support, he manages to live to adolescence, though his true nature is a secret from the inhabitants of their small American town, Gentry. I loved reading about the practicalities of being a changeling: can’t eat canned food, can’t ride in cars, can’t cook with cast iron, can’t go to church, etc. But this was as much a story of small-town identity politics as it was a fairy tale–Mackie feels he has to hide who he is, because, to him, being different means becoming a scapegoat for something. However, Mackie learns that the people around him can deal with his difference a lot better than he expects them to. I loved Mackie, and his sweet sister Emma, and his totally unfazeable friend Roswell. The story was exciting and emotionally real. If you like Holly Black, you’ll like newcomer Brenna Yovanoff. Two thumbs up.


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