Audiobook Review: Born to Rock

  Born to Rock

I just finished listening to the audiobook Born to Rock by Gordon Korman.  The story was read by Billy Hammond.  In terms of length, there are 5 cds which took approximately 4 days in my car to hear. 
Snapshot of the story:
Leo finds out that his biological father (or as he refers to the term – bio dad) is a legendary punk rocker who is getting back together with his band for a summer tour.  Leo decides to contact his bio dad when he finds himself without a scholarship to Harvard after a misunderstanding with the vice principal and a math exam.  Leo’s plan is to ask for the tuition money but finds himself tagging along on the summer tour, working for his bio dad.  Along the way, Leo finds that he is more than the republican boy that he thought he was.

My thoughts:
I am a huge fan of Gordon Korman.  Everything that he has written, I have always enjoyed.  I found that this story did not have the same feeling that the others did.  Perhaps it was the way that the story was read but I found it lacking.  I can’t put my finger on the exact reason for not loving the story but I found that I could not connect with the character at all and the portrayal of the mother was slightly disturbing to me.  I would highly recommend reading Korman’s other books such as Son of a Mob, Schooled, or any of his adventure series.

Great audio books to listen to:
1.  The Gregor series by Suzanne Collins
2.  The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan
3.  The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling


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